Message From Chairman


Managing Director & CEO , Bajaj Electrical Ltd

It is a matter of great pride to play a part in the journey of an association like IFMA - the apex body representing the interest of around 120 Indian manufacturing entities in the country. The association has been instrumental in voicing the concerns of the fan industry since the last 70 years. Over the years, the members of IFMA have been working relentlessly to ensure sustainability and energy efficiency in their products .Compliance with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) star labelling norms is a significant step towards this goal. In fact, a holistic approach of focussing on the environmental impact, complying with government regulations and policies, and promoting the global competitiveness of domestic fan manufacturing, will accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient fans in India. With this added focus on energy efficient fans, IFMA is optimistic about impacting energy consumption and impacting the end consumers.

The fan industry is growing manifold, and changes need to be addressed. The future lies in making energy-efficient fans a common man’s commodity, considering the importance of BEE rating. For this IFMA is launching the mascot Mr Energy Saver to promote the idea of having at least one energy-saving fan in every Indian home. IFMA has been making concerted efforts to increase our footprint further to reach out to every household in India and is supporting the Government in furthering its policies and initiatives in building a comprehensive ecosystem that supports mass scalability and commercial viability of the production of energy efficient fans. The other dignitaries at the event shared their views on the cost efficiencies brought about by sustainable manufacturing coupled with investment-friendly policies such as PLI schemes that could help India catapult its global competitiveness and manufacturing prowess.

With the necessary policy support, the fan industry is confident that it will embrace sustainable and energy-efficient technologies allowing industry-wide scale production and adoption of energy-efficient fans resulting in a revolution in sustainable manufacturing.

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Message From Vice-Chairman

Pradyumna Poddar

President Fans, Usha International

India is the largest market for fans and has seen significant growth over the years. Over the last 3-5 years, we have seen the consumers demanding innovative features and aesthetics and our industry has responded with smart solutions coupled with definite offerings. The organised fan market contributes significantly to the nation's economic growth, and with newer entrants, the scope for mutual growth and development is immense.

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Mr. Energy Saver on Ceiling Fan Efficiency

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