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Consumer-Centric Growth Mindset & R&D Crafting the Future

The fan industry is now transitioning into a new era, with technology at the heart of the business...

Vivek Abrol

Leaders Speak

India sees summer temperatures for most of the year. So, fans are a must in any home, business, ...

Sibabrata Das

Revitalising the Breeze: Navigating Change in the Indian Fan Industry

In the dynamic landscape of the Indian fan industry, valued at approximately Rs 10,500 crore, we...

Anuj Poddar

Igniting Change: Stars Hain Toh Savings Hain Campaign Set to Transform Fan Industry

In a world where energy conservation is the need of the hour, the Indian Fan Manufacturers Assoc...


Presenting Mr. Energy Saver to launch the Ceiling Fan revolution

IFMA is wholeheartedly supporting the mandatory BEE Star Rating programme for Ceiling fans. This com...


Importance of Engineering Simulations in Fan industry

For tomorrow's products to become a reality,” Engineering Simulations” must become a part of the...

Vrushali Joshi Mukherjee
Which ceiling fans are preferred in India and Why?

Which Ceiling Fans are Preferred in India and Why?

Ceiling fans are designed based on operating conditions of the environment of a particular place. In...


Soon, more power to the buyers of Fans!

Summers are here already! After two consecutive bad innings owing to the ongoing pandemic dur...

Rohit Mathur

Save energy bills of fans without hassles of discomfort

While we enter a new normal and resume our routine tasks from our homes, the pandemic has change...

Rangarajan Sriram
Mantra For Serving Consumers Better | IFMA

Mantra for serving consumers better

One could say that a fan is probably the most omnipresent appliance in India. As an appliance th...

Anuj Poddar

Star rated ceiling fans with induction motors also assure energy savings!

The Indian Ceiling fan industry is on the advent of a huge revolution. With the new mandatory St...


BLDC Fans…Set to revolutionise the Fan industry in India

Frequent storms, torrential rains, flash floods, severe droughts, fierce wildfires, and the list...


Add Colour. Add Variety and tackle your mood swings

Let’s talk of your office rooms and the mood swings in your office chamber. Till two decades back,...

Fan Industry Enters a Golden Era - IFAM

Fan Industry Enters a Golden Era

As the saying goes, the Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones; we transitioned to b...

Hand Made Form Of Pankha

Pankha – My tryst with India’s traditional art form

As an artist, I have always been intrigued by traditional art forms. One such thing that not just ca...

Aerofoil Advantage in Fan Blades

Aerofoil advantages in fan blades

As one of the nation’s premier heat transfer products firms noted in their seminars on Tier IV req...

Vrushali Joshi Mukherjee
The Ultimate Guide to buying ceiling fans - IFMA

The Ultimate Guide to buying ceiling fans

In the modern world, where home appliances have undergone a revolution, the ceiling fan is still lar...

Hardeep Singh
LED Ceiling Fan - IFMA

7 reasons why you should prefer LED Ceiling Fans

The evolution of ceiling fans with respect to styles and designs has taken them far beyond an applia...

Hardeep Singh
Square Wave Inverters- IFMA

Don’t blame the fans for poor performance if you use square wave inverters

With advancement in technology, Fan industry is going through a massive transformation responding to...

Lokesh Pandey
Fan Regulator - Old Resistance Type Regulator

Buy a good Wall Regulator to get good performance from your Ceiling Fan

Let’s explain different kinds of Speed Regulators for Ceiling Fans and the pros and cons of all. T...

Suresh Jangra
Remote Control Fan

Remote Control of fans is now a way of life – Know a bit about 2 technology options

Among the consumer friendly electronics and appliances, the usage of remote control is increasin...

Shailendra Singh
Bldc Vs Induction Motor - IFMA

BLDC Motor vs. Induction Motors in Ceiling Fans

Energy Saving is the new mantra in all electrical products and its importance has hugely become impo...

Dinesh Kumar
Bladeless Ceiling Fan - IFMA

Bladeless Ceiling Fans-Is there a future in India

The bladeless fan is a fairly new concept that’s gaining popularity in the West. It’s a revoluti...


Indian Fan Industry: How It All Began

The invention of the electric ceiling fan is one of the major milestones in the history of mankind, ...

Hardeep Singh
Indian Fan History- IFMA

The History of Electric Fans That Intrigues Us All

Electric fans are one of the biggest inventions of mankind and yet they aren’t talked about as muc...

Hardeep Singh

A Unique Concept in Pedestal Fans

Hey! This sounds confusing –Not really –It is a revolution for good fan revolutions to give you ...

Souvik Ghosh
Fans - Shield Against Covid-19

Fans are Covid-19 warriors

The COVID-19 pandemic, an ongoing global pandemic has proven to be a health and humanitarian cri...

Unique Blade For Ceiling Fans

Unique Blade Profiles – for moderate air and low noise Ceiling Fans

Look around you and you would notice a rapidly increasing trend of Low noise (noiseless as some term...

Vrushali Joshi Mukherjee
Curtain Coordinated Ceiling Fans

Curtain Coordinated Ceiling Fan for Enhanced Décor Quotient of Room

During the late 80’s, interior decoration studios in Taiwan used to feature a very unique idea of ...

Hardeep Singh
Colonial Raj Pankha

The modern world has brought the ‘Pankahs’ from the Colonial Raj back!

The punkah, or the ceiling pankha as you may call it, is an interesting concept of delivering a so...

Hardeep Singh
Energy Saving Fans Guide -In Nation’s and Customer’s interest - IFMA

Energy Saving Fans-In Nation’s and Customer’s interest

BEE Star rating program gets support from industry Body BEE’s mandatory Star rating program fro...

Sabyasachi Panda
Dual Blades in Portable Fans

Do Dual Blades in Portable Fans give any additional customer benefit?

Portable Fans (a cluster name for fans like Table Wall and Pedestal) normally have similar looks and...

Vrushali Joshi Mukherjee
Should we use Fan with Air Conditioner? - IFMA

Should we use Fan with Air Conditioner?

It is common to turn up the air conditioner at its lowest temperature to cool down the surroundi...

Anand Kumar