Do Dual Blades in Portable Fans give any additional customer benefit?

Vrushali Joshi Mukherjee, Sandevin Analytics

Portable Fans (a cluster name for fans like Table Wall and Pedestal) normally have similar looks and Motors /Blades combination particularly for standard sweep sizes of 400mm (about 16”). In India, we normally use 3 winged blades or 5 winged blades in some cases.
In the very recent past, we have noticed two types of designs emerging in this fan category.
1/ in which there are two separate blades –of different sweeps –one smaller than the standard blade sweep (which is the size called in specifications of the products).

2/In which there is one blade only but has two different configurations or number of wings –but both are integrated and outcome of same mould.

Let’s see the first one


The second Dual Blade concept is the integrated one –Seen in Belmuda , a green Fan .

The questions are –Is the benefit claimed correct? Is this the future?

Will the additional cost of Motor strengthening and cost of blade justify the premium in price?

Or is it a passing fad?

The claim is that when two airstreams are rotating at different speeds side-by-side the faster one was dragged back by the slower and caused the two streams to collide. This discovery led to an entirely new dual-blade design. The inventers experimented with dozens of blade types, carefully testing the movement of each and claims that this patented unique design throws air at much more accelerated manner and till a longer distance.

My take is that the dual blades if designed correctly can surely give about 10 %more breeze than normal blade –Plus the air throw can also be upto longer distance with these blades. The motor strengthening will be needed and that call will be taken by motor technologists . After that we can find out the cost differential and assees the viability.

But yes , it is worth a try to go ahead in designing –It is after all unique in looks too.