Presenting Mr. Energy Saver to launch the Ceiling Fan revolution


IFMA is wholeheartedly supporting the mandatory BEE Star Rating programme for Ceiling fans. This comes into force from the new year day of 2023.For the consumers and users of fans. This is great news as it would spell huge savings on the electricity bills of every household. This also means a range of benefits for nation and environment.

IFMA has got an interesting mascot named Mr. Energy Saver which will lead all the communication platforms to aggressively promote the Star Rating Programme.

Mr. Energy Saver is a robust, smiling, confident, assured looking mascot who will instill confidence in the minds and hearts of viewers about the proposition of Savings. The animation has been brought out after deep research by IFMA and Wackytoon Studios, who have given birth to him. Wackytoon’s creative team is famous for origin of Chotta Bheem, a famous cute Indian cartoon. This mascot will figure in all IFMA communications for Energy Savings for promoting Energy Efficient Ceiling fans. The mascot is a registered design property of IFMA and has to be used by
IFMA and members as per guidelines given. Check for the animation in 3D –It is amazing and the expressions of the mascot are convincing.