A Unique Concept in Pedestal Fans

Souvik Ghosh, Industrial Designer

Hey! This sounds confusing –Not really –It is a revolution for good fan revolutions to give you neat looks and fresh breeze.
Let’s first talk of dust and dirt. Fans and fan wings in particular have great affinity towards attracting dust. When the fan is in use, some dust is likely to be accumulated on the edges of the blade leaves. This needs to be wiped off immediately after use to let the fan remain dust free.

But what about 80% of the time when the fan is not in use and dust keeps accumulating in kind of layers. Can this be avoided? This was the design challenge to us.

Also, almost all pedestal fans look alike with boring circular looks wherein the blades keep peeping out of this. Hardly an item worth being on display in your room when not in use. So, another challenge was—Can we have an attractive looking product which may also make the face of fan come alive displaying some stuff on its face thus adding to the design aesthetics in the room?

We have addressed both these needs in our design offer called CANVAS –a new generation Pedestal fan –Clean looks and a Pride to keep in the room displaying your favourite artwork or family picture.

Look at the Split Air conditioners of today. The window used for Air Outlet closes down when not in use. It is automatic. Thats it.

Presenting Canvas—With automatically opened Guards which save dust entering and settling on blades as in today’s fans.

The solution of the Indian Dust Issue

A minimal design folding stand fan

The designed stand fan Canvas has a different shape structure. It is under minimal design language. Hard geometrical square shape is visible around the structure of Canvas.

‘Circular’ is a common shape in fan industries., so Canvas with square shape body is a stand out model in fan industries.
Canvas does not have the disadvantage of accumulating dust on fan with prolonged unused hours or months when fan is not used.

Switch On Mode – The wind flows because of open flaps.
Switch Off Mode – The wind flows stops because of closed flaps.


The flap turns 90 degrees to perform the function. The close flaps results in solving dust issues.

Now the second parameter. Have a look at the scanned and print of your favourite art work or family picture pasted on the front shutter when closed. It will be an attractive corner focus of the display without using the precious wall space need for such Artworks or Pictures.

Need we say more! Yes –The mould cost and the components costs would be comparable and in fact competitive compared to today’s models with similar motors and performance.