Igniting Change: Stars Hain Toh Savings Hain Campaign Set to Transform Fan Industry


In a world where energy conservation is the need of the hour, the Indian Fan Manufacturers Association (IFMA) has geared up and is supporting the BEE and GOI initiative of Mandatory Star Rating programme for Ceiling Fans .

In  the upcoming AGM 2023 of IFMA on 4th Sept 2023 the theme has been aptly kept  “Stars Hain Toh Savings Hain”  to propel the activities to support this initiative .

It would be a sensible guess that 70 to 90 crore power hungry ceiling fans would be at work in our country. Its  time to change . Not because of fans being old but because changing to Star rating fans will reduce energy consumption.  There will be Savings and benefits all around. From a household to the mother planet.

A household can save upto Rs1500 to 1800 per fan on electricity bill in a year with 5 star fan .Thats big. A massive 284 Terawatt-hours out of the total 1411 Terawatt-hours are consumed by fans alone in India.That would be in savings zone

The energy footprint will be  halved, reducing the 284 TWh to a mere 142 TWh. This is not just about saving energy –

Picture a world where electricity consumption slashes by a remarkable 50%, CO2 emissions reduces by an astounding 50 million tons, and coal consumption shrinks by a significant 18 million tons. A sustainable future will no longer be a dream but a tangible goal within reach.

it’s about saving our environment too.

The star-rated appliances are already a game-changer in the world of appliances. And now, it’s set to create waves in the fan industry too. With resounding support from the Government of India, this campaign is poised to enlighten consumers about the immense benefits of opting for star-rated fans.

The star rating program is making its mark, having become mandatory for ceiling fans from January 1st, 2023. IFMA’s unwavering support is evident in this roundbreaking initiative, ready to bring about a technological revolution in motor advancements.

But what’s a movement without a charismatic voice? Enter Mr. Energy Saver, the friendly face of energy efficiency, unveiled at our recent AGM. Mr. Energy Saver isn’t just a mascot; it’s a symbol of empowerment. It’s the voice that bridges the gap between knowledge and action.

The time for change is now with every breeze carrying not just comfort, but whispers of change & sustainability too.

The “Stars Hain Toh Savings Hain” campaign isn’t just a movement; it’s a beacon of hope. It’s an acknowledgment of our responsibility to the environment and our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of transformation, where every star-rated fan becomes a catalyst for change. The stage is set, and the stars are aligned. Let’s embark on this journey of change together.

Get ready to witness the stars – and savings – shine at AGM 2023!