Curtain Coordinated Ceiling Fan for Enhanced Décor Quotient of Room

Hardeep Singh, CONSULTANT-Luminous

During the late 80’s, interior decoration studios in Taiwan used to feature a very unique idea of curtain coordinated ceiling fan. The designer was pasting customer-provided curtain cloth to cover wooden blades creating a tapestry for coordinated look of a ceiling fan.
This influenced many interior designers worldwide to experiment. It can be seen at small studios in Connecticut in USA too.
The ceiling fans of Indian variety have curved aluminum blades. So it is a bit more difficult than flat wooden blades. Also, Indian fans have bottom motor covers which are required to be coordinated for a complete design look. The bottom cover is curved but placing tapestry element here is quite doable.
Have a look at one such Indian fan with tapestry of curtain laminated—and see how it looks in the room.

This was first experimented in the early 90’s with a downstream unit in Calcutta. The design studio had a downstream unit for customers looking for such decoration. The design process began by taking one meter of cloth and the cloth was pasted and laminated. Although, it was not hugely successful due to quality of lamination technology at that time, but it was hugely appreciated by the users.

Challenges faced during the decoration procedureThe units faced many challenges while pasting .The edges got crumpled after some time. It resulted in not sustainable lamination which with time turned opaque with dust. In the present times, technologically advanced pasting and lamination systems have been invented and all such issues should not be there.
Does this concept interest anyone—May be this is for a niche market yet totally worth exploring.

The cost and scopes of customizationThe estimated cost of applying tapestry of curtains on an Indian fan could be Rs. 300/- excluding the price of the cloth. It is pretty economical, as far as current rates of the home decorations are concerned.

The additional benefit is whenever you change your curtains or tapestry; the downstream unit will be ready to give a coordinated look on the fan blades and disc at a very reasonable price.

Any Takers? Any thoughts?