The Ribbon Ceiling Fan



Courtesy :

Benjamin McMahon



A design student from the University of blade fans.  The Ribbon Ceiling Fan recently won an Australian Design Award in the student design category.

Benjamin McMahon has a patent pending for his ribbon-inspired design/invention that not only looks like a fast, free-flowing ribbon, spinning in suspension, when it’s turned on, but his Ribbon Ceiling Fan is actually more efficient than other ceiling fans, perhaps even limiting the need for air conditioning in some environments.


Making use of the geometry of a helical loop, the Ribbon Ceiling Fan’s unique blades are able to focus air in a wider circumference from the fan than current blade fan. Another positive feature of the Ribbon is that it uses standard fixtures for installation, making it much easier to replace a standard fan.


The student design section of the Australian International Design Awards also functions to select the Australian students who qualify for the James Dyson Award, an international design award specifically for next generation designs from students.


McMahon naturally hopes to do well in those awards; however, he plans to begin marketing his design soon, regardless.  And he already has an industrial design position in a firm in Australia.



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